What is Nanotechnology and uses of Nanotechnology?

What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology, shortened to “nanotech”, is the study of the controlling of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. Generally nanotechnology deals with structures sized between 1 to 100 nanometer in at least one dimension and involve developing materials or devices within that size.

A basic definition: Nanotechnology is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale. This covers both current work and concepts that are more advanced.

In its original sense, ‘nanotechnology’ refers to the projected ability to construct items from the bottom up, using techniques and tools being developed today to make complete, high performance products.

According to physicist Richard Feynman, Most of the work is being done today that carries the name ‘nanotechnology’ is not nanotechnology in the original meaning of the word. Nanotechnology, in its traditional sense, means building things from the bottom up, with atomic precision. To know more on nanotechnology click here for nanotechnology ppt presentation.

Uses of nanotechnology

Nanotechnology can be used in different spheres of life and it is being used in about 5oo everyday products. Click here to get nanotechnology ppt slides template that can be used in seminars and conferences conducted on nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology in Medicine – Researchers in medicines are developing customized nanoparticles as the size of molecules that can directly deliver drugs to the diseased cells in the body. When this method is perfected than it will reduce the damaged treatment such as chemotherapy does to the patient’s healthy cells.

Nanotechnology in Electronics – Nanotechnology increases the capabilities of electronics devices while reducing their weight and power consumption.

  • Improves display screens on electronics devices.
  • Increasing the density of memory chips
  • Reducing the size of transistors used in integrated circuits

Nanotechnology in Electronics – Nanotechnology may hold the key to make spce flight more practical. Advancements in nanomaterials make lightweight solar sails and a cable for the space elevator possible. By significantly reducing the amount of rocket fuel required, these advances could lower the cost of reaching orbit and traveling in space.

Nanotechnology in Food – Nanotechnology will have great impact in terms of food. Companies are making nanimaterials not only in the taste of food but also in food safety. So nanotechnology will help in delivering benefits in food.

Apart from science electronics, food and medicine it also is also used  in fuels, better air quality, solar cells, batteries, cleaner water, chemical sensors, fabric and sporting goods.

Thus, nanotechnology is doing great in all spheres of life by making things simple and more useful.

As lot of researches is going on nanotechnology ppt templates are also available on internet. Click here to get nanotechnology ppt for seminars if you want to give any presentation on nanotechnology.

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